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Winter Check: 3 Steps To Make Sure Your Antenna Is Performing At Its best!

The alternation of seasons is filled with colder weather, storms and blizzards coming down, and the Earth going quiet around us -- especially this year -- but it also comes with a heavy snowfall and, in many places, strong winds, all of which can affect OTA TV reception. With all the tips, tricks and ideas floating around these days for projects done at home, now is also a good time to check your antenna installation!

Winter is an ideal time to check or update your TV antenna installation, so here's a quick guide:

Check your antenna
If you have an outdoor antenna, it may be moved by strong winds. Use our free transmitter locator web page to verify that your antenna is still pointing to the largest number of broadcast towers in your area.

When performing this operation, ensure that the antenna is securely installed and that there are no loose bolts or screws in the installation.

If you have an indoor antenna, check each part of the antenna installation for moisture, dust, or debris to ensure optimal reception throughout the year.

Check coaxial cable connections
Loose coaxial cable connections can affect the quality of the signal you see on your TV, so be sure to check every connection point in your antenna setup and confirm that no coaxial cable connections have loosened over time.

Scan the channel
As an antenna owner, you probably already know to scan channels from time to time to make sure you still have access to all available channels in your area. Every time you make any changes, updates, or move any part of the antenna setup, you need to scan the channel.
Apart from the element of heavy wind and snow being a good reminder, the latest developments in broadcast television mean that some channels are changing frequencies, so you should do this more often these days. Visit our website for more information.

As always, RS-RADIO has your back. If you need any help with antenna installation, or would like more information about receiving HDTV signals for free, please contact one of our operators, available 7 days a week.

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