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No Internet? No problem. You Can Check Our Radio Antenna.

At a glance, cutting the cord might seem intimidating. With countless streaming options and apps, there are so many possible combinations, and it could seem like a lot of maintenance.

You know what’s simple? A TV antenna. One and done. Set it up, connect it to your TV, scan for channels. It really is that easy – the way television should be.

Somehow, there are still so many misconceptions when it comes to the world of cord cutting, but we’re steadfast in our mission to dispel misinformation. One of the most frequent questions we get is: Do I need the Internet to use an antenna?

Answer: NO! All you need is your TV antenna and a television.

The only time you may want the Internet (when setting up your home entertainment just the way you like) is if you’re wanting to watch streaming content from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. A TV antenna only uses the coaxial cable input at the back of your TV. Since over-the-air (OTA) television has nothing to do with your Internet connection, you could have several people streaming, gaming, or online chatting in different rooms in your house, and none of this will affect your crystal-clear OTA TV signal. (Psst, broadcast television even has better picture and sound quality than either cable or satellite can provide!)

Antennas today are so much better than the “rabbit ears” you might be remembering from your childhood, but they’re just as simple to use. First things first: locate your broadcast towers. You can visit our Transmitter Locator 

 This will:

  • Show the towers around you
  • Show the distance to your broadcast towers
  • Help you aim your antenna for the best reception
  • Provide the number of free available channels in your area

Our Transmitter Locator will even make antenna suggestions for your location. Have questions? Our Connection Crew is just a phone call or online chat away. They can answer any questions you might have, perform a free signal analysis for your location and help you get your antenna set up.

Now you can take those antenna misconceptions and throw them out the window because it’s time to enjoy TV for free!

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