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RS-CM6000W FM broadcasting transmitter - RS-CM FM TRANSMITTER

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RS-CM6000W FM broadcasting transmitter

RS-CM6000W series is a profesional FM stereo/Mono broadcasting transmitter. The advanced digital technologies,Digital Signal Processor(DSP), are used in the transmitters to get little size , high performance and high reliability. They are widely used for professional radio stations to transmit high quality FM radio programs. 

More than that, the RS-CM6000W FM transmitter is now gradually showing its high-quality characteristics to the world, especially in the radio station equipment market.


  • Touch Screen without buttons make setting more easily.

  • This is the RS-CM6000Wproduct,All-digital technologies DSP+PLL, better sound quality.

  • Upgrade frequency step to 10Khz.

  • You can set the automatic startup and shutdown time

  • Exquisite craftsmanship,Standard 19 inches, 5U whole aluminium alloy cabinet. Wiredrawing and oxidation makes surface bright, clean and elegant.

  • Big LCD display all the parameters in real time. displays working frequency, volume, FETMOS temperature, forward power and SWR.

  • Provided with the series of protection function, own active protection and raise alarm prompts once meet any trouble while working.

  • Accurate operating index and perfect protection measures make you are more aware of the operating status of your machine.

  • Easily installation and simply operations.

  • High quality and excellent technical performances. AGC circuit to keep the Output Power stability.

  • Each machine has been examined strictly by a series of quality inspection and function test to guarantee best operating function.

Technical specifications

1.Frequency Range:87.50MHz~108MHz,step 10KHz

2..Output Power:0~6000W continuously adjustable

3.Carrier Frequency precision:±200Hz

4.Output power tolerance ±1dB

5.Output impedance 50Ω

6.RF output connector 1 5/8

7.Residual wave radiation < -70dB

8.Parasitic amplitude modulation noise < -50dB

9.Pilot frequency deviation ±0.1Hz

10.38KHz residual component in the S signal < -50dB

11.Audio pre-emphasis 0μs/25μs/ 50μs/75μs optional

12.Signal-to-noise ratio ≥92dB (1kHz, 100% modulation)

13.Stereo separation ≥73dB (L → R, R → L)

14.Distortion ≤0.01% (30Hz ~ 15000Hz, 100% modulation)

15.Frequency response ±0.01dB (no emphasis, no de-emphasis)

16.Left and right channel level difference ≤0.01dB (100% modulation)

17.Power supply voltage 100VAC~265VAC/ 47Hz~63Hz

18.Operating environment temperature -10 ° C ~ +45 ° C

19.Size:5U (width 18in × height 8.7in × depth 28.8in)

20.Weight:65Kg (including packaging)

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