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FM Transmitter 2000w RS RADIO - FM Transmitter

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FM Transmitter 2000w RS RADIO
The DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology makes the RS- FM2000W FM transmitter an enjoyable sound broadcasting device for all
music lovers, you’ll no longer be bothered by the noises or distortions.

As quality assurance, RS RADIO Provides 5 YEAR warranty for this professional broadcast transmitter, you’ll have no worries to use it for the radio station.

Frequently Applicable Uses:

Frequently Applicable Uses:
1). Community Radio stations
2). LPFM radio stations
3). City radio stations
4). Christian Church radio stations

Outstanding Features:


The transmitter will switch to auto-protection with alarm message and a beep sound once the working temperature gets higher than normal range.


SWR is the indication of antenna system connection with transmitter. Once the connection is bad and causing a high SWR Value, the

transmitter will switch to automatic protection mode by showing alarm message on the screen with a beeping sound meanwhile.


When the fan stops running, the alarm message will be displayed on the screen


The RF out of this 2000w FM transmitter is continuously adjustable from 0-2000 watt at the stepping of 0.1watt, which means you can tune it to 50w...100w...2000w with just one transmitter you’ll get multiple modes of outputs and easy to tune as per your needs.

The transmitter implements digital FM modulator module as its core,combining with RF power amplifier.In the transmitter, DSP & DDS are used to execute all-digital processing,such as digital filtering, pre-emphasis,the generation of pilot frequency,stereo coding and FM modulating. A AGC circuit is used to keep the set power stable.

High performance and very good reliability has been proved by the large usage of RS RADIO-2000W transmitters.Also it is low cost and small size.

RF amplifier uses 2 sets of NXP LDMOS transistor BLF188XR, making it able to withstand severe load mismatch of more than 65: 1VSWR at 5dB compression point.

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