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Wireless FM Transmitter for Drive-in Church Service

Under COVID-19, many activities for public gatherings are prohibited. So how to conduct religious services safely and smoothly? A loudspeaker might be one way, but the surrounding residents might report you for being too noisy. And with its limited range of transmission, it's really not a smart choice. Is there no other way? Of course not, Rs-Radio' wireless FM transmitter not only offer a solution, but we have several advantages to better satisfy your needs.

Meet FCC Rules Part 15
The Federal Communications Commission has set standards for products that may cause electromagnetic interference, and any electronic device sold in the U.S. must not endanger public safety or interfere with other electronics. FM transmitters need FCC approval in order to broadcast in the commercial FM frequency range. Our wireless FM transmitter 200 Watt FM Broadcast fm transmitter has been tested, and approved by the FCC, which means you can use it with confidence without worrying about non-compliance.

Low cost
Churches only need to purchase an FM transmitter, and then the pastor's sermon is delivered via radio signal to the car radio. Participants in the car simply tune the radio to the appropriate frequency to listen, and participants do not need to use additional equipment to listen. In addition, our FM radio stations are less expensive compared to other similar products, so using Rs-Radio' wireless FM transmitter for drive-in church services is definitely a wise choice.



FM transmitters are cost-effective

Long transmission distance
The purpose of using FM transmitters in churches is to reduce congregation, and to preach safely. But if you use a transmitter with too short a range, and the audience has to gather to hear the sermon, then your purpose will not be served. Therefore, the transmission range is an important point for the church in choosing an FM transmitter, and Rs-Radio Radio has a transmission range from 300 to 1000 meters, from which you can choose the right one depending on the number of listeners.

We sincerely hope that this radio solution will help your church to stay open, provide religious services to worshipers, and stay connected to God while keeping them safe in the face of the COVID-19. To date, we have a number of customers using our FM radio transmitters for drive-in church services, and without exception, they have given excellent feedback. If you are interested in this, Please send us an email at nick@rs-radio.com to tell us your needs, we will serve you with all our hearts.

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