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How to choose the best dipole FM antenna?

FM broadcast antenna is one of the most important parts of the FM antenna system, it helps radio stations broadcast as far as possible. 


Interesting thing is, the FM dipole antenna especially gets preference because of its simple uses. But still, many people seem to have no idea how to choose the best FM dipole antenna for broadcasting.

Fortunately, we prepare some useful buying tips to help you out.  As long as you follow these 5 tips, even if you are a novice in FM broadcasting, you can easily choose the best FM dipole antenna.


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Step#1 Confirming the Antenna Types

FM dipole antennas have different types and they have different characteristics, confirming the type you need can help you make full use of the antenna. 


In general, the dipole FM antenna is divided into 4 main types, short dipole antenna, half wave dipole fm antenna, FM broadband dipole antenna, FM folded dipole antenna. 


You need to make the final decision before choosing an FM dipole antenna, is it the short dipole antenna or the folded dipole antenna?


Step#2 Matching the Transmitter Output Power


An FM dipole transmitter antenna should be matched with the maximum transmitting power of the FM broadcast transmitter, or the whole FM broadcasting system would be broken down. 


Different FM dipole antenna has different maximum transmitting power. For example, the the rated power of RS-RADIO FM-DV1 dipole FM antenna can be customized to 10KW for different broadcating needs. Then it can be connected with any FM broadcast transmitters with transmitting power lower than 10KW.


Step#3 Choosing Suitable Polarization


The FM dipole antenna with suitable polarization can help your FM radio station be connected by more listeners. 


Basically, the FM dipole transmitter antenna has 3 types of polarization: horizontal polarized, vertical polarized, and circular polarized. The polarzation of the receiving antennas and transmitting antennas should be matched. 


Step#4 Paying Attention to the Antenna VSWR


VSWR represents the working efficiency of the RF system, the lower it is, the higher working efficiency the RF system has. Generally speaking, the VSWR lower than 2.0 is acceptable. 


Therefore, you need to note that it is important to pay attention to the quality of cables and dipole FM antennas, and maintain the equipment on time.


Step#5 Finding Reliable Suppliers


Installing FM dipole antennas maybe still difficult for someone, especially for those FM broadcasting novices, why not find a reliable dipole fm antenna supplier like RS-RADIO? 


We can provide you with not only the best FM dipole antennas, but also the best FM antenna systems scheme to meet your broadcasting needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is a dipole FM antenna?

A: It's a type of FM broadcast antenna that consists of two poles.

The dipole FM antenna consists of two poles or parts and the length of the poles are determined by the working frequency. The FM broadcast band usually extends from 87.5 MHz up to 108 MHz for most countries.

2. Q: Is an FM dipole antenna omnidirectional or directional?

A: It is omnidirectional.


Actually, all dipole FM antennas have a generalized radiation pattern. Since its power is radiated 360 degrees around the antenna, they all are omnidirectional antennas.

3. Q: How to Calculate the Elements Length of Dipole FM Antenna?

A: Using the formula: L=468/F


In this formula, L stands for the length of the antenna, in feet while F stands for the required frequency, in MHz. Therefore, the length of each element is equal to half of L..

4. Q: Are the FM Dipole Antennas Good Antenna?

A: Yes, and they earn favours by its easy use.


The FM broadcast dipole antennas are one of the easiest antennas to build, construct or erect. They are very useful and can perform excellently well if erected at a high elevation. 



On this page, we acquire how to choose the best FM dipole antenna, from confirming the dipole antenna types, the antenna VSWR, and finally to how to pick the best supplier.


The content mentioned above helps lower your buying cost and can help you build a better understanding of RF if you are a newbie to radio broadcasting.


RS-RADIO is one of the leading FM dipole antenna suppliers in China, contact our RF expert, and get the latest quotation of our broadcasting equipment, best products, best prices!

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