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How does an FM Transmitter work

An FM Transmitter is a device that transmits music from, for example, your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player on the FM band. You kind of create your own radio station that can only be received very locally. The transmitted power of an FM Transmitter is low, so the range remains limited between 10 and 40 meters.

FM Transmitters are mainly used to play your own music in the car, without the car radio being connected to the music carrier. You can set a frequency yourself on the FM Transmitter. By setting the frequency of the car radio to the same frequency, the sound from the FM Transmitter will be played through the car radio. Any FM radio can receive the signals from FM Transmitters.

100watt FM Broadcast Transmitter

There are FM Transmitters with different connections. Think about:

headphone jack - connect a headphone jack device to the FM Transmitter
USB connection - insert a USB stick with music into the FM Transmitter
SD slot - insert an SD card with music into the FM Transmitter
bluetooth - connect a device wirelessly to the FM Transmitter via bluetooth

FM Transmitters that support memory cards or USB sticks have control buttons for selecting and pausing the music.

Examples of media players that can be connected via the headphone connection or Bluetooth are a smartphone, laptop, tablet, MP3 player, portable DVD player or game console. All sound played through the media player is also broadcast through the FM Transmitter.

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