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Drive-in Movie Theater 50W FM Transmitter Complete Package

Drive-in Movie Theater 30W FM Transmitter Complete Package

FM Transmitter for Drive-In Movies & Outdoor Theaters

RS-RADIO FM transmitter from 1 to 50W – Films and Cinema Theater COMPLETE TURNKEY PACK Stereo encoder included with ST1 / 75 Khz modulation limiter. Ready to connect to balanced XLR stereo audio inputs from the mixer or other audio source. you need an FM transmitter to transmit the audio of the film to FM radio receivers.           

Our turnkey package offers excellent quality in terms of audio and coverage, making viewing a movie outdoors, seen comfortably from your car.

How do a FM Transmitter Work for Drive in Movie Theater?

Complete package consisting of:  30 W stereo FM transmitter, 1 aluminum dipole antenna, 20 meters of 1/2 inch coaxial cable with connectors & grounding kit pack also available in 20W, 25W,  30W or 50W


300W FM Package, mono, E20LCD FM Transmitter, mpx, lcd, + 1 dipole antenna and 10Meters cable NN : 1250 euros

20W, 30W FM Radio Transmitter, Antenna and Cable COMPLETE ELETEC TURNKEY PACKAGE

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