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Basic Complete FM Radio Station Package

Our set of basic studio radio stations with the minimum equipment that we offer to allow you to start broadcasting for village or community radios
This package comes with a 12-channel mixer that allows you to connect up to microphones and stereo line sources (laptop, CD player, player etc)
Three dynamic microphones allow you to have a presenter with two guests
We also provide an H2 Zoom portable audio recorder for you to record interviews and reports from outside the studio.

Transmission side, we provide the 30W FM transmission package with 1 dipole and 25M cable NN rg: 1  30W MPX FM transmitter, 87.5-108 Mhz wideband dipole antenna and coax cable with mounted connectors. It can be up to +/-10 Kms with the antenna raised on level ground.

This Basic FM Radio Station Pack is quite simply the budget-friendly, all-rounder radio station you can trust to get you on the air.


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