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6 Tips for Buying a Low Power FM Transmitter for the Drive-in

Drive-in service is one of the most popular radio businesses. It can provide a comfortable and enjoyable entertainment experience for the masses. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment under the epidemic.


Many people want to speed drive in streaming services. If you want to make your drive-in service business stand out from the fierce competition, you need the best radio station. There is no doubt that a quality low power FM transmitter can bring you more business. But do you know how to choose the best low power FM transmitter for drive-in?


6 Tips for Buying a Low Power FM Transmitter for the Drive-in

With many years of radio broadcasting experience, FMUSER informs you how to use an FM broadcasting transmitter and the most important part: how to choose the best low power FM transmitter for drive-in. Let's keep exploring!


Why Low Power FM Transmitter for Drive-in?


A low power FM transmitter is the central radio station for driving services, and it takes the parts of audio transmission and audio signal transmission. But why does it matter and you can't find an AM transmitter used in drive-in services?


FM transmits radio signals in a stable manner - FM stands for frequency modulation, and it is a method of transmitting radio signals. Compared to traditional AM transmitter, low power FM transmitter comes with clear and stable audio broadcasting. It means that you can provide a better listening experience for the believers.


Budget-friendly FM transmitters - Thanks to technological advances, now a high-quality FM transmitter costs less. It can still be used in many radio stations, including drive-in services, community radio, school radio, and more.


In short, the low power FM transmitter has the features of the best audio transmission quality and budget prices so that it is the first choice for those who want to start a drive-in business.


6 Tips for Buying a Low Power FM Transmitter


Studying technical parameters helps us in choosing the best low power FM transmitter. However, each FM radio transmitter has too many parameters, and which ones should we look at? Fortunately, FMUSER summarizes 6 great tips for choosing the best low power FM transmitter for the drive-in.

Full Range Frequency

An FM radio transmitter with a full frequency range can provide more channel options and help you avoid interference with FM signals. Why not choose FM transmitters with a full range of frequencies? Once you know that there are interference signals around, you can tune the FM transmitter and find the unused frequency to transmit clear FM signals out.

Advanced Sound Types

Sound quality is important because it determines the listening experience. Better sound quality can help you attract more audiences and grow your business. So you need to learn the definition of audio stereo separation and other audio parameters, etc.. In general, the audio stereo separation of 40 dB and SNR of 65 dB is acceptable.

6 Tips for Buying a Low Power FM Transmitter for the Drive-in

Maximum Transmission Power

An FM radio transmitter with high transmission power can ensure that you can provide broadcasting services to all audiences. The Effective Radiated Power (ERP) determines how many areas you can move. What you need to understand is, ERP is not equal to transmission power, and depends on the transmission power and performance of the FM radio antenna. It is recommended that you choose a low power FM transmitter with a transmission power higher than you expect, then you can be sure that you have a complete ERP.

Budget Price

A low power FM transmitter with a budget price is our ultimate goal. But that doesn't mean you have to give up some important features of an FM radio transmitter. Most importantly, you should choose a low power FM transmitter that fits your drive-in business' budget without compromising its quality, reliability, and functionality.

Easy Operation

A simple operation can reduce many of the problems that annoy you. For example, well-designed buttons can help you easily adjust the FM radio and prevent misoperation as much as possible. And if there is a clear LCD screen equipped on it, you can learn about the status of the FM radio transmitter directly and identify problems in time.

Complete Safe Protection Activities

The maintenance function can shut down the machine in time if the machine fails to prevent further losses. The safety function is one that you cannot ignore when choosing the best FM radio transmitter. It should be able to start the protection process in time when there is a harsh environment, such as overheating, supercooling, water, etc.


In short, we have to focus on six points: full frequency range, high quality sound, high power transmission, easy operation, budget prices and safe and secure functions. We hope these tips can help you. As one of the best radio station suppliers, FMUSER can provide you with an FM radio station with transmission power ranging from 6. If you are interested in them, please feel free to check them out!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: How far does a 50 Watt FM Transmitter Broadcast?

A: A 50 watt FM transmitter can broadcast around 10 kilometers.


Yes, we said that a 50 watt FM transmitter can transmit about 10 kilometers. But it is not perfect, because the coverage is affected by many factors, including the transmission power, the installation distance of the FM radio antenna, the surrounding obstacles, the performance of the antenna, etc.


6 Tips for Buying a Low Power FM Transmitter for the Drive-in

2. Q: What Equipment Should I Have in a Low Power FM Radio Station?

A: At least you should have a low power FM transmitter, FM broadcast antenna packages, and you can add some online radio stations according to your needs.


In summary, the audio broadcast channel equipment, including:  

  • FM radio broadcasting
  • FM transmitter antenna
  • Antenna combination
  • Antenna Switcher
  • Antenna cables
  • Transmitter remote control
  • Air compressor
  • Studio Moves Connect
  • etc.


And other peripheral radio stations, including:

  • Audio processor
  • Audio mixer
  • Microphone
  • The microphone stops
  • on headphones
  • BOP closes
  • Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Cue Speakers
  • on headphones
  • Talent Panel
  • On-Air Light
  • Button Panel
  • Phone Talkback System
  • etc.

3. Question: Is It Legal To Start A Low Power FM Radio Station?

A: Yes, if you have applied for a license.


In general, low-level FM radio broadcasting is legal around the world, but most of the FM broadcasting is controlled by the government. So you must first apply for a license, and learn about the necessary regulations to avoid punishment.

4. Q: What is Effective Radiated Power (ERP)?

A: Effective radiated energy (ERP) represents the transmission efficiency of RF systems.


ERP is a standard definition of directed radio frequency (RF) energy. If you want to calculate it, you need to know the transmission power of the FM radio transmitter, then subtract the losses from the duplexers and any measurable feed loss, and finally you need to add the antenna gain.


Learning how to use a low power FM transmitter in a drive-in business and 6 great tips for buying a low power FM transmitter for a drive-in can help you start your drive-in business better. With decades of experience in radio broadcasting, we have helped thousands of customers build their own low power FM radio stations, and we have provided them with technical advice and low budget radio stations, such as low power FM transmitters for sale, FM antennas. packages, etc. We believe that this information can bring you more customers and profits. If you want more about drive-in business, please feel free to contact us!

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